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Data & Research


Recent Research

Community Housing Canada has recently produced the following reports:

Report: Home-Making and Tenancy Sustainability, by Alexandra Stout.  

This report focuses on rental tenants’ ability to perform home-making practices and the subsequent effects on tenancy sustainability. It includes an original analysis of landlords’ and tenants’ rights vis-a-vis home-making practices in two Canadian provinces: Alberta and British Columbia.

Report: LGBTQ2 Vulnerability in the Canadian Housing Sector, by Kenna McDowell

This research focuses on the experiences of LGBTQ2 people within the Canadian housing sector.

Community Housing Canada held a series of Café Pracadémiques – workshops where academics, housing organizations, community housing tenants and others discussed challenges and opportunities in the community housing sector, along with shared concepts of “resilience” and “sustainability”. These conversations took place in four cities across Canada. The “What we heard” summary reports are available here, each considering community housing sustainability in the context of a particular theme:


  • Edmonton, AB – Reconciliation
  • Saint John, NB – Aging and rural populations
  • Hamilton, ON – Business transformation and workforce development
  • Vancouver, BC – Climate change

Promising practices in affordable housing: 

Evolution and innovation in BC and Quebec

Canadian Housing Policy Roundtable, February 2019

The Canadian Housing Policy Roundtable (CHPR) is a group of leading housing thinkers committed to working across sectors to develop shares solutions to strengthen Canada’s housing system.

Edmonton Café Pracadémique Report

The Edmonton Café Pracademique was held as part of the Community Housing Canada Research partnership with the intent to highlight the collective understandings that were found in terms of sustainability and resilience in community housing.

Saint John Café Pracadémique Report

Stephen MacMackin and David Turner shared their recent experience of establishing seniors’ community housing in the rural setting of Hampton, NB.

Hamilton Café Pracadémique Report

Leigh Bursey, Margie Carlson and Jeff Neven shared their experiences of business transformation and workforce development in Ontario.

Vancouver Café Pracadémique Report

Ian Cullis and Christine Williams shared their knowledge of climate change and community housing issues in BC.