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Affordable Supply Gains


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Affordable Supply Gains

For the past two decades, the federal government has pooled resources with the provinces and territories to fund affordable housing. In theory, it should be relatively easy to locate detailed information on the outcomes of these funds through regular reporting updates, but in practice it is difficult, and often impossible to find detailed accounting of what has actually been delivered.

  • Are targets being met? If not, why?
  • How many new affordable units were created?
  • How many were repaired or renovated?
  • Where are we falling short and what do we have to celebrate?

This area of research will provide an up-to-date analysis on affordable housing supply gains through government programmes by analysing their underused administrative data sets.

Data collected will reveal where and how government funds are being spent, and how targets of the NHS are being met. In addition, this research will also supplement historical understandings of housing investments prior to the NHS.