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How can COVID-19 push governments to provide adequate housing?

In this workshop, the Housing Research Collaborative presented the findings and accompanying database resulting from two sets of three roundtables each in Septembre and Octobre 2020. With funding from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia, these roundtables brought together housing researchers and advocates from across Canada, as well as 10 other countries on all inhabited continents. The summary and transcripts of the workshop can be found on the Canadian Urban Institute’s website.

The global pandemic we currently face brings the ongoing neglect of northern housing and health infrastructure into sharp focus. There is no time greater than the present to acknowledge that housing is health care.

Housing First policy


Does Housing First policy seek to fulfil the right to housing? The case of Alberta, Canada

Housing First (HF) operates on the premise that permanent housing is the first need of people experiencing chronic homelessness. It understands housing as a resource to which everyone is entitled, not a privilege that must be earned. In these respects, HF is consistent with housing as a human right. However, little is known about if or how HF policy seeks to fulfil this right. Greater engagement with international human rights law would provide HF policy with a normative foundation for addressing homelessness as a severe breach of the right to housing.

Latest Research

Report: Home-Making and Tenancy Sustainability, by Alexandra Stout.

This report focuses on rental tenants’ ability to perform home-making practices and the subsequent effects on tenancy sustainability. It includes an original analysis of landlords’ and tenants’ rights vis-a-vis home-making practices in two Canadian provinces: Alberta and British Columbia.


Report: LGBTQ2 Vulnerability in the Canadian Housing Sector, by Kenna McDowell

This research focuses on the experiences of LGBTQ2 people within the Canadian housing sector.


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DeMille Place Impossible without Generous Volunteers & Partnerships

Author: Rev. David Turner, St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Original Post Date: September 12, 2019 Since 2016, a team of extremely hardworking volunteers from St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Hampton, N.B. has been striving to realize their dream of providing housing for...

Getting Housing Built in a Small Community

Most days we feel like a young community built around schools and sporting activities. I am a 1961 baby boomer who is now starting to think about other issues like housing and aging.

Reconciliation and Restoration

Reconciliation…Buzz word? Action? A destination? What makes it one or the other? It’s a place on the map called home.


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